Why I Love Yoga


I fell in love with yoga as soon as I did my very first sun salutation. I chose yoga as my gym class in my first year of college. It sounded interesting, I had always been curious about it. It seemed like a great way to spend a few hours a week. I had also read up on the teacher and saw many good reviews about her, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

In my first class, I met some really cool people. Of course some were in it because they were too lazy to do anything else, or because everything else was taken, but you could tell who was there because they were attracted to the idea of yoga. I took the class with my good friend, and we met another great girl there, who to this day still loves and practices yoga. We always hung out and did our classes mat-by-mat since that first day.

I was never a flexible girl. My hamstrings were always tight, I hardly worked out (I’d get inspired for a few days and then give up), and I DEFINITELY never stretched. But from the moment the teacher started speaking of yoga, with her soothing voice, telling us to breathe in and out, guiding us through the poses, it was like my heart was lifted way above my head and my body was at ease. I walked out of that class and told everyone I knew, I LOVE YOGA! Since then, I’ve thought of myself as a yoga girl. I do not practice every day, although I wish I would. After my yoga classes in college were over, I tried to take more but they wouldn’t let me! I had to try other things. I stayed with the same teacher though, and although my heart wasn’t in the other activities, I knew my teacher was a yogi and it was nice to be with her energy.

I’ve taken a few classes at my old gym, but they were more meditation than yoga. They were good classes to relax after an intense workout (read: one hour on the treadmill and some machines at 5-10lbs. As I’ve said before, I used to know nothing about fitness!), but they weren’t the type of yoga I wished I could practice. A few years ago, my friend took me to a hot yoga class and I fell in LOVE all over again! The instructor was incredible. He was doing headstands and he was super ripped and he really wanted to see his students improve and do well. A couple years later, my best friend took me to another yoga studio and to another hot yoga class. Fell in love all over again, again! The instructor was a really cool and cute young girl, with dreads and a beautiful body and a soothing voice, who really loved what she was doing and loved her students.

Yoga was MADE for me. And here is why I love it.

Every time I step into a yoga class, I feel powerful. I feel like I can do ANYTHING. I feel like a queen. I feel like my body is aching for this. My whole spirit wakes up and says, “oh Laura, thank you, THANK YOU!” Especially these days, after days of kickboxing, lifting heavy weights, putting strain on my body from my intense workouts, a day of yoga feels like heaven.

Even though I hadn’t done it in years, every time I did, it was like I was home. I literally feel at home in yoga studios (and now, my very own yoga studio twice a week, my basement). I start and my body and my mind align peacefully and there isn’t a care in the world floating through me. I feel in total control of my body and of my mind. I guess the feeling is hard to explain, and perhaps to some it sounds like a bunch of flowery words. But that is yoga for me. It is a break from the rest of the world, it’s an escape, and it’s magical.

Stretching is a MUST, it is so important for your body and your muscles. When you train, your muscles get nice and tight and strong, but improving your flexibility is crucial to balanced fitness and health. What better way to lengthen and strengthen your muscles than to spend a nice long time moving through beautiful, powerful and relaxing poses, with calming music in the background, and not a care in the world? Everything becomes peaceful. Your body isn’t your enemy, it is your friend. As your muscles warm up, they cooperate and WANT you to move. They LOVE stretches! Treat them to it!

I just feel really loving and connected to myself during and after yoga. I feel like it’s a treat for my body, and it centers me. I practice yoga twice a week, on Tuesdays after lifting, and Saturdays, which are my workout rest days. After a long week, my yoga Saturdays are the perfect way to begin the weekend. Everything rolls off my shoulders, the fog in my mind dissipates, my energy radiates back through me, and my heart opens up. It removes all the bad from the week, and cleanses me to receive more good in the week coming up.

YOGA IS AMAZING. There are so many different types of yoga too, there isn’t just one. Everyone has their own yoga, a type that suits their needs and their personality. There are so many yoga studios in every town in every city in every province/state in every country! Why not give a few a try? Many offer the first session for free, so go yoga shopping! You’ve got nothing to lose (except some stress!).

Have an amazing Saturday guys & dolls, thanks for taking the time to read my blog :)!



4 thoughts on “Why I Love Yoga

  1. I appreciate yoga…I don’t love it. I feel proud of myself after doing yoga because I feel I have pushed myself and done a little bit more than last time. I do love the pose of the warrior…it makes me feel powerful, rooted and able to accomplish anything. I am presently doing Ashtanga yoga…some poses are great but some…I don’t know. I enjoyed hatha yoga much more. We’ll see…maybe I have to try hatha yoga again.

  2. I feel like I can relate to you often. I fell in love with yoga when I took a yoga class through college, and had such a similar experience. The way I can describe how yoga makes me feel personally is: I feel weightless, and like it detoxifies my soul. When I do yoga… I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. It’s the most amazing feeling to free your mind and purify your spirit through yoga. I wanted to ask what yoga do you do at home? ๐Ÿ™‚


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