Hey beautiful people! It’s so nice to be back to writing to you all! I’ve taken some time off from blogging recently, as I have been focusing my energies on many other things. But I felt myself really missing writing here, and offering my advice and knowledge and learning and growing here with you. I’m back now with two MAJORLY delicious recipes that I tried this weekend feel like you all NEED to try as well!

As I’ve mentioned before, Mondays are my meal prep days. This Monday was incredible, I made some really delicious recipes, all from Brendan Brazier’s book “Whole Foods to Thrive“. I really love all the recipes I’ve ever tried from his books- they make me feel light, energized, clean, healthy, full and satisfied. Honestly, every time I eat one of his recipes, my body thanks me. I’ve gotten my best fitness results following his Thrive Diet lifestyle, and I can honestly say it’s changed my life! But I’ll write about that in a whole other post (it deserves it!). Onto the main event!

The first recipe I made was Brendan Brazier’s SOUR CREAM AND ONION KALE CHIPS!!!

1/2 cup cashews, presoaked 35 minutes
1/3 cup water
1 tbsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1.5 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp minced fresh parsley
1 bunch kale

1. Combine the soaked cashews, water, onion powder, garlic powder, vinegar, salt and parsley in a blender (or food processor) and process until smooth, stopping the machine and scraping down the sides if needed (this may take several minutes). Set aside.
2. Wash the kale, and carefully dry the leaves. Strip the leaves into a bowl, roughly tearing any large pieces. Discard the stems.
3. Pour the creamed mixture on top of the kale, using a small spatula or spoon to remove the mixture from the blender.
4. Using clean hands, massage the mixture into the kale for 1 minute to evenly coat the leaves.

Oven method:
1. Heat the oven to 250F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper, then spread the kale chips over the sheets, as evenly and flatly as possible, to ensure even cooking time.
2. Bake between 1.5 and 2 hours (time varies according to the dryness of the kale), tossing halfway though the baking, until the kale has dried out and is crispy but not burnt.
*****Keep a close eye on the kale at the end of its cooking process, and remove any premature crispy chips from the batch if needed*****

Dehydrator method:
Warm the dehydrator to 115F. Spread the kale onto 4 mesh dehydrator sheets, and dehydrate for 10-12 hours, or until crispy (time will vary depending on relative humidity).

Enjoy IMMEDIATELYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! You know you want to!!!! But the chips will keep in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.


The second recipe I made was all freestyle. My best friend and I decided to whip up a FULLY RAW LASAGNA, and went along with whatever we felt like doing! Here it is!

Laura & Stef’s Raw Lasagna

3-4 zucchini, sliced lengthwise with a mandolin (or knife if you’ve got a steady hand)
Marinara sauce (I used a recipe I had made before, which can be found HERE)
Pesto (I used store-bought, Le Grand makes a delicious vegan pesto)
Cashew ricotta (I made the recipe and it was super simple: 1/2 cup soaked cashews, blended with some lemon juice, salt, pepper and a tbsp-ish of nutritional yeast)

1. Line the bottom of your lasagna pan (or any large, deep dish pan) with a thick layer of zucchini. Make sure there aren’t any holes or the sauce will bleed all over the place!
2. Layer on your marinara sauce.
3. Add another layer of sliced zucchini.
4. Layer on your pesto.
5. Add another later of sliced zucchini.
6. Layer on your cashew ricotta.
7. Add another later of sliced zucchini.
8. Sprinkle some italian herbs, some nutritional yeast, some fresh herbs, some leftover cashew ricotta, GO NUTS!
9. ENJOY!!!!!!!
**** As this recipe is very saucy, it will not keep long in the fridge, I wouldn’t suggest leaving it more than a few hours. ****

I hope you will LOVE these dishes as much as I did! They are SUPER yummy. Watch out though, the cashews make them pretty fatty. I would recommend balancing these meals out with a lot of fruit throughout the day.

Let me know when you try these! If you have any kale chip recipes to share, please do, I’d love to try some others!

Have a beautiful, happy and lovely day everyone. I’ll be back soon!

Peace, love and cashews for all!
xx Laura



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