How To: Sprouting!


It’s no secret that I LOVE sprouting! It’s quick, easy, and produced nutritionally superior beans than canned or cooked. With minimal effort, you get a huge amount of enzyme-rich, protein filled and easy to digest beans that you can add to pretty much anything you want! Today is a quick post to tell you exactly how I sprout my beans and soak my nuts, and share a few ideas on how you can use these! You’ll love it, I promise!

First of all, you’ll need a mason jar, an elastic band and some cheesecloth. They sell fancy sprouting jars at local health food stores, but you can do just fine with simple and cheap items that you usually have on hand anyway. They sell cheesecloth at grocery stores and hardware stores too, so using my mason jar method is usually a lot cheaper. You can sprout multiple things at once as well! I usually spend a few minutes every week setting up my sprouting station, and within a few days I’ve got fresh sprouts!

You can sprout pretty much any bean: mung beans, adzuki, black, navy, lentils, chickpeas. You can also sprout buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, barley, wild rice. Both beans and grains/pseudograins need to be bought WHOLE, unhulled, dried. You can also sprout seeds such as alfalfa, kale, clover. They sell these as special sprouting seed packages and tend to be a little bit more pricey. You can buy many of these already sprouted, but it is a lot cheaper, more fun and fresher when you sprout them yourself!

I use the app for iPhone called “Sprouts” to help me. It offers very useful information on many different types of things you can sprout: how long to soak, how long to leave them, the nutritional benefits, the flavours, the uses. It also has a handy feature which sends you a notification when it’s time to rinse your sprouts, and when they are ready! You also have a page where you can see every single thing you’ve got sprouting and how much time is left. I LOVEEEEE this app and I highly recommend it, especially if this is your first attempt at sprouting!

Ok enough chit chat. Here we go!!!

Choose what it is you wish to sprout. If it is small seeds like alfalfa, add 1.5 tbsp max to the bottom of your mason jar. For beans and grains, add about a cup-1.5 cups. Cover the jar with the cheesecloth and secure down with an elastic band. You may need to double the cloth for smaller seeds, so they don’t fall through.

Rinse the seeds a few times with fresh, cool water.

Cover the seeds with 3x more water than seeds. Let them soak overnight, or for at least 12hrs (or follow the steps in the app).

When soaking time is done, drain all the water from the jar by turning it upside down and let ALL the water drain away.

Rinse the seeds again, till water runs clear. Drain all the water again, MAKE SURE all the water is gone or else your seeds will spoil!

Rinse seeds every 12 hours (or follow the instructions in the app). Drain away all the water each time!

The sprouts are ready when the sprouted part (looks like a white tail) is longer than the bean/seed/grain itself!

VOILA! You have fresh, delicious sprouts! I use mine mainly in my big green salads. It adds protein, texture and flavour! You can also make chilis, soups, sandwiches and wraps with your sprouts. The options are endless!!!

I hope you will start to sprout because honestly, it sounds like a lot of work but it isn’t! Each sprout takes a different amount of time: for example, quinoa only takes 2 days while adzuki beans can take up to 7! Have patience. You only need to spend a few minutes a day tending to these babies and then you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

How do YOU like to enjoy your sprouts!? Share your ideas with me in the comments!

As always, if there’s anything you have questions about, anything you’d like to write about, or if you’d just like to connect, please add me on Facebook or email me at!

Happy sprouting!
xx Laura


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    1. I KNOW! I have a million things I want to write about, and yet, I never get around to it. But I’ve been in a bit of a writers block – I feel myself busting out of it! New posts coming soooooooon! ❤


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