My Personal Experience on 80/10/10

ImageHey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Spring is in the air! Here in Montreal, we had some really beautiful, warm weather for the past few days, and the sun has been shining so beautifully! It’s such a nice break from the dreary grey and extreme cold of our terrible infamous winters. I can only hope the weather will keep getting warmer from here… OPTIMISM! ๐Ÿ˜€

I know I’ve been pretty MIA from blogging yet again, and I have seriously REALLY missed it. But I’m back, and I’m fully committed to writing much more often! So I hope ya’ll are ready for it ๐Ÿ˜‰ !!! Today, I’m going to be writing a pretty detailed account of my 80/10/10 frugivore journey! It’s exciting, I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time now, and today I felt a burst of inspiration! So read on if you’d like to know how it went for me. Keep in mind this is entirely my own opinion, my own experiences. Everyone’s body and life is different, what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa! โค


For about the whole month of December I was really intrigued by the 80/10/10 diet, also known as the Banana Girl Diet (BGD). I read up about it almost every day, read testimonials, bought the ebook, read meal plans, and I really became excited and compelled to give it a try! I’m always down to try out new things, especially when pertaining to health and fitness (keeping it vegan always, of course). I’m a LOVERRRRR of fruit – I literally love it so much! I could eat it ALL DAY, and for the whole month of December I kept saying to myself, “man, I wish I could be a fruitarian! I wish I could do this diet!”.

On the morning of January 1, New Years Day, I woke up and thought to myself, “well, why CAN’T I do it? What’s stopping me?” And the answer was NOTHING! Of COURSE I could do it! I made the decision in an instant. I was MORE than ready to challenge myself to at least 30 days of the 80/10/10 / Banana Girl diet. Man was I excited! I went out right away to buy a bunch of bananas and a huge container of dates, which I promptly devoured. I was in fruit heaven! I was starry eyed and excited and nervous and passionate and eager to learn more, and eager to see exactly how this would work with my body.

First I’ll explain a little bit about what the diet entails, since I’m sure many of you aren’t familiar with the concept. The 80/10/10 diet is a diet plan created by Dr Douglas Graham. It is based on the consumption of large amounts of fruit, mainly monomeals (a large meal of the same type of fruit), and tender greens as well. 80% of your daily intake is fruit carbohydrates, 10% comes from protein and 10% comes from whole fat sources, such as avocado and raw nuts. It is a plan built to fuel our bodies with the best source of energy available – FRUIT. Our bodies are perfectly built to digest and thrive on a fruit diet. (I wish I could go into a lot more detail about what the book says, but honestly, just pick it up! It’s an amazing read with a ton of amazing info and super compelling arguments. I would be doing you a disservice to try and explain too much, because I know I’m no expert!) The Banana Girl diet is a slight variation on this one. Where in Dr Graham’s program, you can have some fat every day, on BGD, you can only have fats 2x a week maximum. I followed the BGD to the T, and my macronutrient ratio looked more like 94/4/2, which is 94% carb, 4% protein, 2% fat.

For my first few days as a new Banana Girl, I ate approx 2200-2500 calories of fruit and leafy greens. Before that, I was eating 1600-2200 calories a day, depending on my calorie burn from my workout. I knew I had to up my calories on BGD because the human body burns through fruit fuel SUPER quickly, and to sustain energy, to thrive, to feel good, you need to consume many more calories of fruit. For those first few days, I sort of felt in a haze. It’s hard to explain. I couldn’t get through my workouts with the same intensity as usual, and I felt like I was walking around with a veil over my eyes. I quickly realized that I simply was not eating enough, and added 1000 calories more a day.

RIGHT AWAY I noticed a difference. My energy SKY ROCKETED. I mean it was through the ROOF! I felt awake, alive, fresh, clean, confident, radiant. Every day that passed was better than the next. I looked forward to my fruit meals, I CRAVED fruit, all I wanted was fruit! It was such an exhilarating feeling! I never felt deprived or upset that I couldn’t eat a certain food. My body was too happy with that was happening inside it that it simply didn’t want anything else. It took a little adjustment to get used to eating such huge amounts of fruit per meal, I guess my stomach was smaller than I thought. Before, I was used to eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day, but on BGD I ate 3 large meals a day. They sustained me enough to get to the next meal without hunger or cravings, it was just a foreign concept to me. I had to unlearn and relearn everything! But I had some really great guidance, my best friend Stefanie was doing the challenge with me and we were on the same page and able to help each other so much! Also through support groups on Facebook and I ended up finding a lot of beautiful, wonderful people on Instagram to help inspire me and keep me motivated to go on!

My daily meals looked a little something like this: Dates before my workout (~400cals). A big melon or a big green smoothie for breakfast (~800cals). A bunch of bananas & dates for lunch (~1100cals). A few mangoes, oranges or a bunch of grapes as my first course for dinner (~500cals). A GIGANTIC salad for dinner, dressing made of blended fruit or lemon juice (~300cals). I looked forward to my banana/date lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY. (I still miss it sometimes hehe!)

For the first 3 and a half weeks, my body was in tip-top condition. I was making great muscle gains, trimming down, abs were popping, legs and arms were growing. I didn’t pay much attention to the way my body LOOKED because I just felt so physically and emotionally well. About 3 and a half weeks in, I started feeling a little different. Instead of my usual feeling of weighless, lightness, glowingness, I was really bloated all the time, no matter how many times I went to the bathroom (and excuse the TMI, but I went a LOT!). I just felt HEAVY. My clothes were fitting tighter, I didn’t want to wear jeans anymore or tight tshirts. I felt a little… inflated. I hated to admit it, and tried to ignore it. But one day I picked up my phone to take a morning photo of my abs (as I have been doing for awhile to keep track of my progress and keep myself accountable) and what I saw through the lens was shocking. I actually spent awhile in front of the mirror examining my body. For the first time in a long time on that morning, my abs were not visible at all. I had a thick layer of fat/bloat that seemed to appear overnight. I kept watch on it for the next few days, and noticed that it just kept getting bigger, and that it wasn’t about to go away in a hurry. I started feeling bloated after every meal, and just uncomfortable in my skin. I tried to cut down my fruit calories, but quickly became irritable and lethargic again. I was getting really sad. The begining of my journey had been SUCH a success, and I just felt sooooo wonderful, that I was wondering, what and WHY is this happening?!

I didn’t want to give up, so I didn’t. I persisted, I kept on with BGD for another two weeks. I wanted to believe that this was the best diet for my body, because I know of so many people who thrive this way. I was really struggling with my body image, and much more importantly, how I FELT in my body. I didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t feel right. I knew it was time to listen to what my body was telling me, rather than keep forcing it to listen to what I wanted it to do. I had some pretty serious and honest conversations with myself.

This is where it gets tricky: I don’t want this to be taken any other way but as my own personal experience. This is how I felt, and I’m being completely honest. I took a good look deep down inside myself, and I knew, this wasn’t for me anymore. I felt like failure, like I let myself and so many others down. I felt like I’d be giving up if I stopped the diet and went back to eating the way I used to, although I knew it was in my absolute best interest. I’m pretty hard on myself, and I had to tell myself, “LISTEN UP LADY! What would you tell someone ELSE if they were coming to you with this problem? Would you tell them, stop listening to what your body is telling you and ignore your gut? Keep doing what isn’t working for you just because it works for other people? Ignore the one person who knows you the best- YOU? Don’t trust yourself? You’re a loser?” NO! That is ABSOLUTELY NOT okay! Why is it that we always put ourselves down, give ourselves a hard time, don’t listen to our hearts, yet give the best advice to others? Why don’t we ever take our OWN best advice?

This was a HUGE turning point in my relationship with myself. This was a huge life lesson that I had yet to learn. TRUST YOURSELF. TRUST YOUR MIND. TRUST YOUR GUT. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL. BE TRUE TO YOU!!!!! Once I realized all of this, I felt a billion times better, and my confidence, my self love, my commitment to living a completely honest, truthful and healthy lifestyle was solidified. HEALTH isn’t just physical, it is mental and spiritual as well. Not being in tune with those parts of yourself is just as unhealthy as not being in tune with your physical body. I realize this now, and I realize the importance of it.

I stopped the BGD cold turkey. I went right back to eating the way I used to eat (I’ve described it in previous posts, although I’m going to be writing a more detailed one shortly). I felt sort of lost, like I had forgotten what I used to do! It took awhile to get back into the swing of things, and for the first week or so I was pretty much always hungry, having been used to eating 2000 calories more ish every day! But I adjusted pretty quickly, and my body was quick to respond and bounce back. I lost my tummy pooch in 2 short weeks, and I noticed my body changing for the better as well.

Honestly, I’m SUPER happy with my experience and I would never have changed it for ANYTHING! I’m SO proud of myself for surpassing the challenge that I set for myself, and I’m SO proud at my dedication and commitment! I never wavered, never strayed, I kept it raw and clean and fruity. I learned SOOOOOOOOOO much about nutrition, about my body, about MYSELF, and about others throughout this part of my life journey. I learned how to LISTEN to myself, and really, honestly TRUST myself. I learned how to be HONEST not only with me, but with everyone else. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are honest. Honesty really IS the best policy. I learned to respect myself and others, and not to judge anyone, because everyone is different and everyone is just trying to live their best lives. I’ve met and made friends with SOOOO many beautiful men and women because of this whole experience. I’ve been inspired and motivated by them all, and I share a special connection with them still. If any of you are reading (and you’ll know who you are!, and to all my friends and family), THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being in my life right now. THANK YOU for all your support and love and understanding. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU and for loving me for being me!

To this day, I still am in LOVE with fruit! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t stuff my face with fruit! I took with me very beautiful parts of the diet and the lifestyle, and made it my own. And that is the most important lesson I think of all – be true to YOU, always do YOU, take parts of everything and everyone you meet and put them together to make something uniquely your own. Never be afraid to blaze your own trail, to be who you want to be, to better yourself, to learn from your mistakes and to move on with confidence that today will be a better day, and that every day you are becoming a truer, more beautiful YOU.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!!!! I love you all!!

xx Laura

PS. I’d LOVE to hear back from you! If you’ve stuck with me through this whole entire rant, I’d love to hear about your experiences and your endeavors and your life-changing stories! Please feel free to comment, or to add and message me on Facebook, or to email me at You can also follow me on Instagram, on MyFitnessPal and on Twitter if you wish – my username is gorgeousssleep (that’s 3 s’s!).
Update: my Instagram account is LauraVerbich and my SnapChat is gorgeousssleep


47 thoughts on “My Personal Experience on 80/10/10

  1. awesome post! i follow you on instagram and saw that you stopped the 801010. Does this mean you are back to the Thrive Diet??? I right now am in between the two. Trying to figure out what is best for me… I always lean more towards thrive but because of all of the different information I read, I got worried about the amount of fat in the thrive. Either way, I love your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Rachel! Sorry for the late reply to this comment. I’m highly influenced by the Thrive Diet, so I guess you could say I’m “following” it. Really, I’ve just learned to follow my own rythm and found a way of eating that works great for me. Of course, the more I learn and discover, the more my diet will change, and I will always love to experiment and try new things! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your love and support. Be true to YOU!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Always great to hear different opinions on different diets/lifestyles. It is so true that what works for one might not work for an other, and it is great you tried and learned more about what works for you! I am still working on finding my balance everyday and that is a part of making peace with old habits and thoughts that didnt serve me before, and the way of thinking and using food. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! You look amazing and your energy is beyond amazing.

  3. I love your post and your thoughts you are sharing. It is true that what might work for one person doesnยดt have to work for Another. Most important is always to listen to yourself, the inner you at all times. This is something Iยดm working with daily to find my balance and my well-being that is making me strive. It is really great that you share this because there are so much positive aspects to read about when it comes to diets or Lifestyles like this but it is not always a bed of roses. You should be proud of yourself, you are beautiful person with a wonderful soul!

  4. hey! thanks for sharing your experience.. we have had to study the 80/10/10 as part of our curriculum with the university of natural health, and have really had to understand the science behind it.
    We have adopted the 80/10/10 lifestyle for about the last year and have experienced more health benefits than we could ever have imagined.
    Early on we were both getting bloating, and realised how important it is to stick to mono-meals, and strictly never mix acid fruits with sweet fruits.
    Also you are meant to have at least 2-4 hours between each meal. Most people graze all day of fruit and digestion can be impaired.
    Anyway, food for thought, as once we got these little details right it has been amazing ever since!
    We hope you don’t completely give up on the 80 10 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you for reading and writing to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really loved my experience being fully raw, but for me, the choices I’ve made work a lot better and make me happy! This isn’t to say I’d never try it again, but for now, I like where I am!

  5. thank you so much for sharing! i think we should never stop to question everything & ourselves, and never fail to listen to our bodies, although this is hard sometimes. i just wrote a post on me getting closer to 80/10/10 myself and therefore stumbled upon your post here. maybe you wanna check it out? all the best,

  6. Thanks so much for such an insightful post! Iโ€™m looking into the 80/10/10 diet too and am interested in giving it a go to clear up candida. I just watched a video where Dr Graham says the 80/10/10 isnโ€™t the Banana Girl Diet, and that the latter doesnโ€™t follow the 80/10/10 principles properly. Did you follow the diet from his book (that is instead of the Banana Girl info)? Iโ€™d love to know as Iโ€™m about to buy it (maybe)โ€ฆ Thanks so much x

  7. OMG.

    I don’t know if you’ll see this comment because it’s an older post, but this is almost exactly what happened with me.

    I read the 80/10/10 book and decided to try it out myself. I was already eating healthy (eating gluten-free and salads) while exercising regularly and it was the perfect time to switch to this fruit-abundant diet because it was springtime and the weather was getting warmer. So for a week or so, I was eating tons of fruit. Id be eating 3 mangoes and half a papaya in one sitting after a workout, or eat 3-4 bananas at once… Things like that. I had stopped counting calories at this point as well. Energy was high and I felt great! Until all of a sudden (literally overnight like you described), I had this massive abdominal distention like I was 4 months pregnant! It was hard and blown up like a balloon, and even though it wasn’t painful, it was uncomfortable because my clothes weren’t fitting properly and it was stressing me out, making me angry, frustrated, upset, and depressed. It was all I could think about! So I googled and researched a lot and decided to try an acupuncturist after trying a couple of home remedies that I found from others on the Internet. The acupuncturist told me raw foods weren’t good for the body (the difference between oriental and western medicine/beliefs) and that I should not be eating that much raw food at all (because of Qi and imbalances, etc). I was confused because I didn’t know who to believe. Anyway, after a couple of sessions, the bloating completely went away for a few days through mostly flatulence (literally felt like a deflating balloon!) and I was so happy. I stopped eating raw foods for a day and stuck to the basics of plain rice and Korean comfort food (I also think this was one of the main causes of the rejection of the 801010 diet because maybe my Asian genes are different than those of Caucasians who seem to make the majority of the followers of this diet). I had to follow my instinct and decided that this diet wasn’t right for me. So after going back to eating the way I usually ate (with meat included), my body went back to normal! I still eat mostly fruits and vegetables but don’t eat excessively or greedily by eating 3 mangoes in one sitting, lol. My body is the best it’s been in a long time with the muscle I’ve been building. I eat cooked food and meat, though I don’t eat refined sugars or processed foods.

    I think the 801010 diet has to stop being preached and people have to try things out themselves and learn what works for them! For me, that just means to eat what my body is asking me to feed it and to keep everything in moderation, even if that means eating two tbsp of almond butter a day :P. Can’t believe you and I had virtually the same experience on 801010!

    1. I’m Asian and was looking to do this but was super concerned with high sugar in fruits and my tummy always hurts eating raw. Been doing ketogenic which is high fat and that made me fat but my friend lost weight so I guess just eat mostly greens, some fruits and small amount of protein is best for me. Good to hear everyone’s feedback on this.

  8. From what you guys say mabie the bloating was water weight lol, mabie there can be a tweek change the percentage of each consumsion, do research on each carbs, fats, and protien and what it does for your body. Then look over your workout plan you can do it differently like the post says not everyone is the same

  9. Hello,

    I googled 80/10/10 and your post was one on of the top ones. I have been thinking of being more plant based in my foods because I know how much energy it brings to your life. I am super thankful for your honesty. I think I will try to do it at least twice a week. Not a complete lifestyle change but just enough. I rarely eat any meat as it is. I love eating veggies. I think I just got get the intake higher. Once again thanks

  10. Hi Laura! You seem like a very nice and bubbly person ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s sad to read you have had to end your experiment with 80-10-10 lifestyle. It just struck me that it seems you gave the lifestyle an awfully short time. You said you started gaining weight after 3 and a half weeks and then continued it only for two weeks. Everybody on the lifestyle always say you have to be patient with the results. Freelee has said that it took her 5 years to get to the fittest and leanest version of herself and she didn’t lose any weight during the first year but was gaining it. I have followed Raw till 4 diet (fruits for breakfast and lunch, cooked carbs for dinner) for 1,5 years now and I gained weight the whole time until the last month or so when it started to come off. This was obviously because of my past severe calorie restriction and dieting. Anyways I hope you will give 80-10-10 a new chance sometimes, because I truly believe it’s the lifestyle that makes people happiest, fittest and leanest!

    1. Thanks so much for your concern and your suggestions with my diet! ๐Ÿ™‚ 811RV is not the lifestyle for me, maybe it will be in the future but for now, I definitely love the way I’m living now. I’m SO glad it works for you! โค xox

  11. you’ve convinced me to not do this diet! I wanted to and girl at my gym said don’t do. I’m.going to try a high fat low carb. Like eating for sustained energy (low GI).

  12. You didn’t do it long enough! When you change diet do drastically. As I was going from a diet like yours to this, you’re going to go through that first symptom of awesome success THEN detox. Then, perfection. I’m sad you gave up so quickly. Had you done your homework you should have know it takes time to REAP the benefits

  13. The “Banana” diet is not the same as the 80/10/10! The creator of the 80/10/10 has said himself that he is not at all affiliated with the BGD, created by “Freelee the banana girl”. Her diet consists of what she calls “90/5/5”. Just letting you know!

  14. Are you sure what you went through weren’t detox symptoms? Freelee took a few years to shed off her body weight because of it since her body went through a lot before doing the 801010. Just a thought.

    1. It might have been detox symptoms! But the general lifestyle was not for me. I didn’t like restricting myself to just fruit and leafy greens – I want to live in ABUNDANCE, and abundance for me isn’t restrictive. Thank you for reading and for commenting!!

  15. I was convinced that I was going to try this diet until I just read about your experience. I have been trying to fire out which type of diet may work best for me. I am extremely picky with my food options and I consume a ton of carbs. I was told to try a low carb so I just started looking into that although I feel like I NEED carbs! super frustrated! thanks for sharing your story ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Thankyou for your experience on the 80-10-10 diet. I’m doing some research on this way of eating for a coaching certificate and would love to hear from anyone else that has done this diet. If anyone would like to share their experience could you contact me on

  17. For me it was completely the other way round … when I started with 80/10/10 durian rider backup style I could not put more than 2 bananas in my smoothie or I would get bloated. No matter how spotty the bananas. Therefore I went with banana smoothies with 2 bananas, dates, and spinach or apples. Lots of spices style. Now almost 2 months in I’m getting better with bananas, and I can eat 5-8 in a smoothie without getting bloated. I guess it’s just the 400+ billion bacteria in the intestines who need time to adapt.

  18. Hi Laura, just wondering what kind of guidelines you follow with your eating habits now? What kind of foods would you eat on a daily basis and any idea what kind of macro split you’d have? Thanks for your help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi there! Right now I am not worrying about macros, just eating clean and vegan with a few treats when I want. I still eat lots of fruit and veggies, they are my main staple, but I have tofu, tempeh, beans and other things too! Almond milk as well as vegan whole food protein powder. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can follow me on MyFitnessPal my username is gorgeousssleep – I’ve just recently started up again but you can check my old diaries too.

      1. Hi I think it is a blessing I found you I hope you can give me an answer for my 15 year old daughter. She is 80 kg, bad skin, size h breasts, unmotivated, sneaks food, makes the wrong choices and I have tried everything. The rest of the family is in a healthy weight range, I have been raw/till 4 vegan for 8 months. I took her yesterday to see about a breast reduction and she was told to lose 10 kg first she was shattered and as usual wont talk to me and angry (im guessing at herself) what diet ( lifesyle ) should I encourage her to do please help ๐Ÿ˜š

  19. I’m in the transition of going from a standard vegan diet to the raw ’til four one, and throughout ALL of this time, and before going vegan, I’ve suffered with extreme bloating. It’s becoming so horrible for me and I’m quickly losing all my confidence. I’m worried going raw ’til four might actually make things worse.

  20. Great article, thanks for sharing. I am just starting my transition to either, 80/10/10 or the banana girl diet and found this very helpful!

  21. This is the most beautiful, heartfelt, HONEST zero-bs I’ve read ! Yesss.. I’ve been 801010 for three years and it’s just not working for me anymore. It was so amazing, the lightness, the buzz.. The clear eyes and glowing skin. I’m so over the constant pregnant feeling and digesting all the time. THANK YOU for speaking out

  22. WOW thats ALOT of calories!!! I have been 80/10/10 for a year and im a 190 pound man that works out 5 days a week and i dont consume as many calories as you.. One thing is for sure though, that if you are working out regularly then you need that 80/10/10 ratio to fulfill the body’s protein and fat needs.. 90/5/5 is the reason for having to eat so much and putting on unwanted fat. I tried 90/5/5 and basically had a similar experience as you. I find it very interesting playing around with the ratios and seeing how the body reacts, its such a simple experiment to find what is perfect for each of our body’s.


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