ImageTake a moment today to really reflect upon your life. 

EVERYONE has moments where we are unhappy, whether it be with ourselves, our bodies, our jobs, our studies, our city, our home, our families, our children, our coworkers, our friends, our circumstances. We’re only human, and suffering is human. Unfortunately, many of us end up focusing all our energies on these negatives and they end up ruling our lives. We become sad, unhappy, depressed, distressed, lonely, sick and confused. We lose the will to move forward, to laugh, to make things better. We forget that WE HAVE CONTROL over our lives. We forget that WE CAN CHANGE these things. We can IMPROVE our lives, with simple decision to STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE! Simply waking up every day and making the DECISION to be HAPPY is so powerful, you won’t believe it until you try it. I know I didn’t believe it. I would wake up, grumpy and dreading the day ahead, hoping it would be a good day, but without any real conviction that it would, or that I could make it a good day. And naturally, this set the tone for another unhappy day. I TOLD myself it was going to be bad, and therefore it was.
The power of our minds is SO immense. You literally have all the power in the WORLD stored up there. Many of us use it negatively as an instinct. It goes against our nature to use our brainpower positively most of the time. Isn’t that insane? Shouldn’t our TRUE nature be love, respect, light, life, happiness? It should be, we know it should be, and yet we don’t live that way. But we CAN. YOU CAN! Make the conscious decision in the morning when you rise to be THANKFUL for yet another day of life. Understand how blessed you are to be living, to be safe in your bed, to have your whole life ahead of you. Then tell yourself that today, you will be happy. Smile and make that decision. That simple decision will change EVERYTHING.
Take a moment today to really reflect upon your life. You have so much to be thankful for and happy with. If there is an aspect of your life that you are REALLY unhappy with, that you feel is toxic and negative, that is holding you back and stunting your growth, know that you have the power to change it. It takes a lot of courage to rid the poison and negativity from your life. It’s “easier” to stick with it and suffer, but you must realize that sometimes, a difficult task must be done, and then you will be FREE. You will be free to take a clearer, truer, happier path. Trust your instincts, be true to yourself, know that you have IMMENSE POWER within you. It just needs to be acknowledged, accepted and awakened. Once you do that, the world will show you it’s beauty, and your beauty will shine even more brightly.
Have a gorgeous day. I hope you decide that today is the day to make these changes 🙂
Peace, love and happiness, always,


2 thoughts on “STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE!!!!

  1. Perfectly said sister! We have the power and yes it is difficult to change a habit that we have lived for years, maybe the whole life BUT we can change it. Step by step – until we get to the point when we have “tipped” it over and the will power is so big within us that it is really no turning back!!! Love your posts. Big hug / Katrin


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