The First Time I Danced at a Wedding

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, I really want to write to you about something that happened to me last week, something that I feel completely changed my life: the first time I danced at a wedding.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.22.28 AM

I’ve always been pretty shy when it comes to dancing in public, and unless you get a few drinks in me (actually, a LOT more than a few…) I never used to dance at all. I’ve always been too self-aware and too shy, I always felt like I didn’t know how to dance and that everyyyyoneeeee would look at me and judge me. But I was always looking wistfully at the dance floor, wishing I was one of those girls who would just dance with reckless abandon, it looked like so much fun. I wanted to swing my arms, jump up and down, swing my hips, shake my booty and just have FUN without being self-conscious at all. It just never happened for me… until last Saturday! My cousin got married, and it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Small and intimate, in a beautiful location at a golf course, with amazing food, great company and just insane love vibes vibrating all over the place. I didn’t actually think that I would do anything extraordinary that day, I didn’t even think I would dance. But the music started, and I saw my mother (always the fearless fun-loving lady!) and my other family members dancing, and then I thought, what the heck. I only live once, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to dance, LET’S DO THIS! So I got up, and I DANCED! NOW, this mayyyy not seem like a big deal because I was amongst family, but to me, this is a HUGE deal and a milestone. I danced ALL NIGHT LONG! I danced slow, I danced fast, I swung my hips, I twerked a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ , I shook my booty, I waved my arms, I jumped up and down, I boogied! I felt soooooo FREE! It was like I finally broke through my shell, my protective cocoon, and burst forth!

Where am I going with this? NO I didn’t just write this to tell you that I danced last Saturday. I AM writing this for a greater purpose. As you know, I’m all about loving yourself, being true to you and confidence. Well, there was always a littttleee something missing of this in myself. Last Saturday, I made the conscious decision to LET IT GO. It didn’t come easy, trust me. I was still a little shy in that first half hour of dancing. I doubted myself a few times and felt like going to sit back down. But I felt like if I pushed through this once night of dancing, as really silly and immature as it may sound, then I will FINALLY be able to remove the feeling of shyness from myself and TRULY become the outgoing, positive person I know I am. I felt like this once night of dancing changed me forever! Since then, I feel so much lighter. I feel so much freer! I literally feel like I can do ANYTHING. The barrier is gone. I took it off of my own volition. No one forced it off me and although it didn’t come naturally & it was tough, it was a long time coming, it was MY DECISION and it feels amazing!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.23.18 AMEveryone has a protective layer around them. It’s just human nature. We put our defences up so that we don’t get hurt. Sometimes we may lower them for certain people or in certain circumstances, but for the most part, we wear this cape of protection and walk around with it, scared that without it, we are naked and exposed and everyone will laugh at us. Well, I’ve finally given up that notion. I’ve finally said SCREW THIS CAPE IT’S SO HOT AND STUFFY UNDER HERE and I feel so much better without it! It comes at a different point in time for different people, just like anything else. For some people, they’ve removed their cape much earlier in life, and some people aren’t even born with it at all! For some, it’s more like chains that hold them down. We all have different struggles, we all have different levels of fear, we all have different reasons why we close ourselves off. But we all have the power within ourselves to set ourselves free! Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, cause that won’t happen. Someone may inspire you to open up, but only you can decide when to do it. These same chains not only hold us back from dancing or enjoying life or opening up to people, but they hold us back from reaching our true and full potential, they hold us back from achieving and reaching our dreams. How many times have you dreamed of something but said, oh I could NEVER do that, I’m not strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, outgoing enough, etc etc etc etc…??? How many times do you find yourself shying away from offers, scenarios or opportunities because you feel like you’re not worth it or that you “don’t have what it takes”? This all ties in together. Self-confindence and self-love are the most IMPORTANT aspects of our lives, in my humble opinion. Without these two components, we are not truly free to follow our dreams, to make them come true because we don’t believe we are worthy. WELL, TRUST ME, YOU ARE WORTHY! You can do ANYTHING as long as you believe that you can. It’s as simple as that. It’s as beautiful as that.

I learned a valuable lesson last week, and I changed exponentially, and I felt like I absolutely had to share this moment with you. My eyes opened to a whole new world and I feel so much more alive, all because I spent a few hours dancing without a care in the world! I’m not saying you need to go out to dance, but you’ll find your own way to break down that barrier that holds you back. Baby steps, every day, working towards your goals, reading, doing research, learning, loving, laughing, working out, sweating, trying new things, meeting new people, being surrounded by those you love, spending time alone, meditation, doing yoga, reading, reading, reading (did I say reading?), eating well, eating from the earth, cooking, exploring, travelling, looking in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU every day. These are the beautiful things in life. Don’t forget to practice love, compassion and respect DAILY, for those around you but also for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.20.16 AM

Have a beautiful day everyone, may your heart soar free!

Peace, love and booty-shakin’,
xx Laura


7 thoughts on “The First Time I Danced at a Wedding

  1. I love this! It’s crazy how freeing it is to dance with reckless abandon! I giggled at the ‘I twerked a bit’ comment because I can relate. I am a shy person as well, got voted ‘Most Shy’ in high school, but when that music starts going you can be your sweet bippy that I’m on the dancefloor working it out! Love this post! So glad I subscribed!

  2. I love dancing…it frees the soul, the mind, the body…and dancing is such good exercise too. You sweat and move with reckless abandon and gives the heart and soul a jumpstart…try frowning when you are dancing. Impossible.


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