Positive Affirmations (& a cookie recipe!)

Happy Friday, my darling friends! Today I want to talk to you about the incredible power of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. Now, you know me – I’m all about sending positivity into the universe and the power of attraction. I’ve seen how this has worked for me in my life, and I want to bring these values, these practices and these miracles into your beautiful life! You deserve all the happiness, all the gifts, all the peace, all the LOVE that this world has to offer. To be able to ATTRACT good, prosperity, success and love, we must first GIVE these thoughts into the universe.

THOUGHTS – they are more than just an abstract idea. They are REAL, life-shaping tangible things. Even though you can’t touch a thought or physically see it, what you think, YOU BECOME. What you think, you manifest, whether you like it or not. Many of us (in fact, MOST of us) have about 50 billion thoughts running through our heads at any given moment, and a sad sad fact is that many of these thoughts will be negative. You know which ones I’m talking about… I’m ugly, I can’t do this, this is too hard for me, why do I even bother, I’m not strong enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’ll never lose weight, I’ll never look like HER, I can’t succeed in this business, it’s too competitive, why me, why me, poor me, I suck! YES I even have those thoughts from time to time! It’s human – and sadly, it’s normal. BUTTTT you can TOTALLY beat these thoughts way out of your head. It’s true! Once you learn to hear them consciously, you can identify the moment they happen and you can STOP them in their tracks. You can literally say “HEY YOU NEGATIVE THOUGHT! You have no place here. BEGONE!” and WHOOSH, it goes away. The crazy thing about negative thoughts – once you realize they’re there, they go into hiding. They don’t want to be found. They like to fester in your subconscious and unconscious mind and they will literally eat away at you like a disease. Become the master of your mind and the master of your thoughts. Here is a very easy exercise I like to do whenever I feel bombarded and brought down by my negative thoughts: I write them down. I strike them out. I rewrite the POSITIVE thought in ALL CAPS and repeat it to myself. Then, I keep these positive thoughts as my daily affirmations. I AM SMART. I AM CAPABLE. I AM STRONG. I AM ADVENTUROUS. I AM BALANCED. I AM AWAKE. I AM ENERGETIC. I AM POWERFUL. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM WORTHY OF ABUNDANCE. I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. I AM WORTHY OF WEALTH. I AM WORTHY OF MY DREAM. I AM LIVING MY DREAM. I AM SUCCESSFUL. I AM HAPPY. I AM ME, AND I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.43.21 PM

Don’t be afraid to visualize your life as you wish it to be. DO NOT BE AFRAID of anything. Any sort of fear will stifle your dreams, will put a limit to your mind, will put a ceiling to your potential and will stunt your growth. This may seem easier said than done, but when you focus on the POSITIVE and the open-ness and the GOOD and when you focus on your GOAL and your DREAMS, the fear will dissipate. When you do all things will love, when you give love, when you believe in the goodness of yourself and what you have to offer, love can only come back to you. Fear is the absence of trust and of love. When you fill yourself up with love and trust, fear has no place in your heart.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.43.46 PM

When you put a thought into the universe, the universe does EVERYTHING in it’s power to make that thought come true. When you focus on how bad your day will be, well, the universe conspires to make it happen. Similarly, when you focus on how amazing your day will be, on how many great people you’ll meet, on how many smiles you’ll see, on how wonderful you’ll feel, the universe gives you all the wonderful opportunities. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS are an excellent way to get your day started right. Start your day off with positive thoughts and visualization and BELIEVE it will come, and it will come. Abundance, in all aspects of life, comes the more we give. It is a cycle – you give, you get, the more you give, the more you get. When your intentions are true and when you come from a place of LOVE, you will naturally attract goodness, truth and love to you. Keep yourself true and full of love, and the world will be true and be loving to YOU.

AND NOW, the cookies…. I made these on a whim, and without any real measurements. Isn’t that fun 😉 They’re SUPER simple and only require 2 or more ingredients: BANANAS and OATS.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.43.06 PM

Mash up 3 super duper ripe bananas (I’m talking really spotty!). Add in 1-2 cups of quick cooking oats and mix in well, until desired consistency. Not too wet, not too try. Then add in whatever else you might want – raisins, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, peanut butter, chocolate chips! Go crazy! Form into cookie shapes and bake at 425F for 15ish minutes (until golden and a bit smushy). Proceed to eat the whole batch (I mean, they’re guilt-free!)
Have a beautiful day, friends, may all your worries you carry in your heart and mind be lifted, and may you TRULY believe in your light and your potential in this world.

Peace, love and DREAMING BIG,
xx Laura


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