WHYYYYYYY MEEEEE: weight loss and maintenance questions answered.


Today, I want to talk to you about the answer to this question. SO many people come to me with these concerns, wanting to lose weight, not knowing where to start, not KNOWING that the damage they have inflicted upon their metabolism and their bodies over the years can take a LONG TIME to reverse and to fix. Too many of us have been skipping meals for years, been under-eating, over-exercising, or over-eating, and under-exercising… It’s a delicate balance, and it takes a little bit of tender love and care, time, research, development and a LOT of dedication to get right. I’m not saying I have it TOTALLY right, my weight and body fat still fluctuates and I am learning every day how to be a better ME. I experiment constantly with different ways of eating, different workout programs, different macros, portion control, calorie tracking etc etc etc, to be able to find what works for ME, my body and my lifestyle. No two people are created equal – what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. But I ALWAYS share my advice and what I learn in the hopes that YOU will try it and YOU will learn more about yourself. Nutrition is complex, and while I am not a nutritionist, I have read (and continue to read) many books and blogs and always am searching to educate myself. Here is what I know.


The reason why you can’t lose weight was probably a combo of not that much exercise + SKIPPING MEALS + too many calories at night, when your body isn’t equipped to digest to much. The human body craves and NEEDS exercise, this helps us in so many ways – not just losing weight, but gaining MUSCLE (this boosts metabolism), it helps your organs function properly, it releases toxins, it releases endorphins that make you HAPPY, it gives you ENERGY, it makes you more productive, it makes you a nicer person, more patient, and it sets the tone for a healthy day. Exercise is SUPER important, but we’ll get to that later. As for skipping meals, this is the worst thing you can do. IT SLOWS DOWN YOUR METABOLISM. Your body thinks it’s starving, and it STORES FAT as a defence mechanism. Not exactly what we want in this situation! FOOD IS FUEL – it took me a long time to realize this for myself; as women, we can tend to look at food as the enemy, but in fact, it is fuel and our beautiful bodies and organs need this fuel to survive and thrive. Start realizing that food is FUEL and look at it that way. It becomes easy to pass on the junk and only want real, fresh plant food! 🙂

Eating a LOT at night is hard to digest, and from having not eaten all day, your body is so confused, it just stores the food because it has no idea where it’s going to get it’s next meal from, so it figures it better save this just in case! All in all, not a great recipe, BUTTTT this is TOTALLY fixable! I promise you!!!! YOU CAN FIX YOUR METABOLISM, you can HEAL your body and you’re already on the right track!!!!

Let’s talk CALORIES. If you are looking to lose weight, you must eat an ABSOLUTE minimum of 1200 calories a day NET. This means you eat 1200 calories PLUS whatever you burn during your workout. Do not under-eat, as I said before, this will screw up your metabolism. Keep in mind that if you have a  tendency to restrict, your metabolism is already screwed up, so it’s time to FIX that problem and get the ball rolling. Eat every TWO hours to keep your metabolism in check. This will also help you from getting ravenously hungry and throwing back everything in sight. Eat more plants. Eat all your calories and listen to your body and your mind. How does it feel? What do you crave? How is everything digesting? How is the pooping (sorry but this is important to talk about), does it come easy and regularly, or are you having a hard time going to the bathroom? Make sure to drink a LOTTTTT of water,  drink tea, go pee, eat fresh as much as you can. Eat greens. The greens are MAJORLY important (try and get a half a head of lettuce or half a box of greens every day). “Abundance” is the important part.
Personally, I get between 1700-1900 net daily calories, and I also eat the calories I burn during exercise usually. Sometimes I don’t. I try to listen to my body and portion my food out. I listen to what my body FEELS when I eat, how it digests, how I poop, how I sleep, how I think… it’s all connected. When I don’t feel “quite right”, I evaluate what I ate during that day and the day before, and I can usually find what has been bothering me. For example, every time I eat soy (in the form of tofu or a protein bar), I feel sick and I bloat up. Every time I eat something with added sugar, I immediately feel sick and nauseated. This is my body sending me signals. Look for those signals! Your body is SMART, it wants you to be healthy, that’s its main objective! Listen to it!


NOW, working out. It is SO important!!!! There’s a SOULMATE workout out there for you somewhere, you just gotta go out and find it. If you’ve been trying to find something to do that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself, doesn’t make you bored and doesn’t break you down, EMAIL ME because I can totally help you find something! But truly, “flirt” with different workouts. Try something you NEVER tried before – who knows you may fall in LOVE! I would highly recommend a well-balanced program that encompasses strength training and HIIT (high intensity interval cardio) with stretching/Pilates/yoga. Strength training with weights does NOT create bulk in women – it actually adds muscle to your body, which increases metabolism, meaning you burn more body fat even at rest. You WANT to create muscle, you’ll get smaller and leaner because of it. And HIIT cardio also burns off fat, it melts it, it increases metabolism. Unlike steady-state cardio (such as running, jogging and cardio machines) which can actually destroy muscle and is just not ideal for leaning out and getting fit, HIIT is PERFECT because it’s FAST and EFFECTIVE! How does this sound!? This is what I did to lose weight and gain muscle, and this seems to be the greatest combo that produces the BEST results. I’ve gotten ALL my results from home and I continue to increase my fitness and reach my goals from the comfort of my own living room! 
I hope all of this made sense and I REALLY hope I helped you!!!! I can’t wait to hear back from you and what you think about all of this! Please leave a comment below! 😉
As always, you can email me at verbichlaura@gmail.com, friend me on Facebook & add me on Instagram, Twitter and MyFitnessPal (username: gorgeousssleep). Sending you lots of love and light, have a beautiful Friday!
xoxoxox Laura

9 thoughts on “WHYYYYYYY MEEEEE: weight loss and maintenance questions answered.

  1. I love this! Thanks for all the info you give and for putting yourself out so honestly. It is very encouraging!

    What kind of equipment do you have? And can you suggest any adjustable dumbbells? I have 3 lb, 5 lb and 8 lb weights but wouldn’t mind something so I can go up and maybe something to deadlift eventually?

  2. I looked at the Beachbody dvd….they are very expensive, without trying them first? What else do you recommend as exercises to do at home? I usually walk my dog for 30 minutes at a fast pace! I want to lose weight but feel lost with so much different information, I dont know what to do anymore! Thanks Laura

    1. There is always a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t enjoy the videos, but with the help of a great coach you can find one that suits your needs and that you will for SURE enjoy 🙂 I’ll email you


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