Meditation 101 & my fave guided meditations


Photo taken by me, in Rome, November 2015

Lemme break it down for y’all who were like me and super sceptical OR worried about meditation: you do not need to sit down in a cross-legged position on the floor for an hour with your eyes closed chanting OOOOOMMMMMM, trying to “clear your mind” AKA chase your thoughts away, waiting for something to happen. You do not need to worry at all about meditation being hard or boring or long or stressful.

Below you will find a great list of my fave morning & evening guided meditations, for you to use if you’d like! & you’ll find fun photos I took on my Europe trip this past November, 2015 – look forward to a blog post about that, soon!

Meditation is a great way to release stress, to learn to go with the flow of life and of your growth and it is a great way to relax and get ideas, inspirations and the motivation to move forward!

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How does this work!? Meditation stops all thought, stops all momentum and re-sets your point of attraction to your natural allowing of wellness. Meditation is a beautiful place to spend time, just breathing, listening to your breath and the words of the guided meditation, and allow yourself to stop worry for a second. And when you stop worry, you allow peace.

It is a great way to start to remember WHO YOU ARE.

Remember, take it easy. Take it easy. Be fun about this. We will find the perfect meditation for you.

I personally started trying to meditate right as I got out of bed. This always led to me feeling groggy and usually falling back asleep, which is not what meditation is for (UNLESS it is a sleep meditation, which we will talk about too). Then I tried multiple different meditations I found on YouTube to help guide me. I tried silent meditation, where I kicked my thoughts through a minefield. Then I tried a silent prayer meditation, where I asked my angels and my guides and my Higher Self questions and spoke with them. I tried a whole bunch of suggestions and ideas and now I do a combo of everything!

But the most important thing is, you show up at your Sacred Space Within every day, at least for a little bit.

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Photo taken by me, in Amsterdam, November 2015


Meditation is not about GETTING or GAINING. It is not at all about any of that, even though those ARE the side-affects.


Meditation is about, simply, getting on a Higher Vibration, a higher step on the staircase of Life, and reaching toward your Higher Self, reaching toward and living in a place where you know when you ask, it is always given!


Meditation connects YOU TO YOU+YOUR POWER SOURCE… and gives you SUPERPOWERS!!!


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Morning Meditations:


I like to do my meditation while I’m still in bed, but I sit up rather than stay lying down (as this will make you fell back asleep). Sit upright, with your back against the headboard or wall if you can. Alternately, you can sit on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground, or sit cross-legged on the floor with a pillow under you. Whatever feels good and safe for you.


Pick a quiet time in the morning and make this a sacred practice for the next 7 days. I’m not asking you to commit forever, or for 30, 21 or even 14 days – just 7 days of guided morning meditation.


Set aside 5-30 minutes, whatever you have, and let the people in your home know this is “YOU” time. Find a quiet spot, and sit as you wish. Choose the meditation you want (you can use the same one every day, or try different ones).


These are the ones I personally use, love and have seen great results from.


Kyle Gray Forgiveness Meditation (5 minutes):


Kyle Gray Divine Mother Meditation (10 minutes):


Kyle Gray Relaxing Meditation (10 minutes):


Louise Hay Your Healing Light Meditation (20 minutes):


Dr. Wayne Dyer Sound Meditation (21 minutes):


Louise Hay Morning Meditation (25 minutes):


Doreen Virtue Cut the Cords to Pain Meditation (33 minutes):


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 Photo taken by me, in Budapest, November 2015


Evening meditation:


Before bed, I always play one of these meditations as I fall asleep. You can of course choose to stay seated and awake for the meditation, but I personally love to fall asleep with them on. Even if my mind is not conscious, my subconscious mind will pick up and process everything that I hear and keep what is important for me at the time.


These are the ones I personally use, love and have seen great results from.


Doreen Virtue Sleep Peacefully Meditation (8 minutes):


Louise Hay Evening Meditation (25 minutes):


Louise Hay Change Your Life Evening Meditation (41 minutes):





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