A Love Letter to Myself

A Love Letter to Myself
(I appreciate my ever-growing connection to you, Source)
by Laura Verbich

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I wrote this letter to myself one day when I felt good and I decided I wanted to remind myself, on the days when I feel not so great, how great I really am. I hope that this will inspire you & help you feel better, too.

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My dearest, beautiful best friend, Laura…


If you truly knew all I thought of you, all I believed of you, and I knew of you… you would NEVER, not even for a second fear or worry about your potential or worthiness.


If you only knew how unconditionally loved you are, not just by ME, but by every soul, every being, every angel… all the world and universe.


Remember how you always dreamed of having super long natural hair and super long natural nails… well, you have that now. It is yours.


ASK – and it is ALWAYS given.


Laura… do you remember on your bank account statement, you changed $1000 to $10,000 – and that happened too!? (and you wiped off all your debt, too!)


Heck, you even manifested NATHAN for petes sake! AND working at lululemon. AND your Beachbody biz.


You are the MOST powerful creator. You are abundant RIGHT NOW. All you want is available to you RIGHT NOW, babe!


All you need is to believe it is, TRULY believe it is, and chill out for a bit.


All that you’ve done has put everything you want in your vortex, Laura!


You believed in it. You thought about it. You dreamed and FOCUSED on it… now, let your attention OFF the fact it’s not here yet and trust & know in vibrational reality IT IS. You just need to vibrationally meet up with it more often.


And from that place… you become inspired.


From that place… you get the idea or urge or nudge.


From that place… you truly are in co-creation with your source.




“Nothing has to change in your environment or in the circumstances that surround you for you to begin to deliberately allow your own connection to the Stream of Well-Being. You are in the perfect place, right now, to begin”


So get “IN”, the vibrational place, aka the Vortex, aka in a good feeling place, and get in there more often. Being in here is your work.


And your amazing work will be called from you.


Babe, I’ve watched you for 27 years – YOU. ARE. READY.


Not “you can do this”… but you have ALREADY done this and you are READY to receive.


It is right and good for you to receive.


I can’t wait to watch what you call into your experience and what you create and live!


You’ve been ready all along. You’ve “had it” all along. You are “there” already. You are PERFECT, whole and complete.


The rest is just FUN! So let’s have fun on this cool ride, kay!?


Remember you can’t expect others to love you no matter what – but your SOURCE within you, ME, I love you UNconditionally. Always.


Cya waaaayyyyy more often…. 😉


Xox Laura

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