How to get everything you want: Law of Attraction 101

How to get everything you want and desire – the levels of desire

magical forest

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what job you have, what work you do, how much is on your to-do list for today, where you live, how you make your coffee or tea… you are meant for greatness, whoever you are. You are a completely magical being, a human being on this planet earth, brought here for a specific purpose. I don’t care if you don’t know what that is just now, or if you doubt that purpose, or if you don’t believe in purpose. That matters not – what matters is the TRUTH of who you are, and that is – you are here to find that out. To explore, to open yourself up, to throw away the rulebook you were given as a child, to tear out the pages and burn them, and to write your OWN unique story. Your job, here, is nothing more and nothing less than to find what pleases you, what excites you, what makes you CURIOUS, what gives you pleasure, what opens your heart and mind, what gives you butterflies… and to go after it. To feel joy and peace in your every day life. Joy and peace brings about success. Joy and peace brings about completion of projects, mutually loving relationships, the perfect job offer, your ideal bodyweight, consistent strokes of inspiration…. JOY AND PEACE are the goal.


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Action will be called to you from this place of joyful peacefulness – not the other way around.


There are many ways to live an inspired life, and not everyone will agree with your way of living or looking at the world. That’s okay, they don’t have to. ONLY YOU know what your truth looks and feels like. It matters not what others are doing, either. Don’t preoccupy yourself with looking left and right, to see how others are living or succeeding. Don’t worry about what they are or aren’t doing. Do not preoccupy yourself with worrying that they are receiving and you are not. Tend to your OWN garden, pay attention to YOUR desires and wishes, focus on YOU and not others. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COMPETITION. No one is in competition with you and YOU are in competition with no one. Many other people might be doing something similar to what you want to do, but it does not mean they are in competition with you. THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. THERE IS ENOUGH OF EVERYTHING FOR US ALL. No need to worry your pretty, vast, expansive, beautiful mind.


Yes sometimes it helps to open your mind to possibilities by seeing how others do it, and it MOST definitely helps to feel happy for others you see who are experiencing success and happiness! But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that YOU keep your mind focused on feeling good, focused on feeling peaceful.


You don’t even need to work THAT hard at it.


Find what brings you joy in your every day life, in your environment, your home, your relationships with others and yourself, in your body, in your work space, in your food, in your shoes, whatever. Focus upon and look for things that bring you happiness.


If something bothers you, do not focus there. If you have a problem or situation you don’t know how to solve, don’t try to rationalize it away or use your human mind to “solve” the problem. I am not saying be ignorant or delusional. You cannot find a solution from the same mind that created the problem. You will not find your salvation in self-pity, self-hatred, anxiety or stress.


Why focus and rationalize and go over and over in your mind on things that bring you stress? We KNOW that answers and inspiration and peace DO NOT come from STRESS – stress and anxiety breeds more of the same.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.20.05 PM




So why not try to shift your focus elsewhere? If you’ve been doing things the same old way forever, and it has not been working, why not try a different way? Do not continue in the madness. Why not take my advice, and the advice of all the sages and gurus and successful people from throughout history and try it on for size? Not just for a day – not just for a week – not just for a month. And not while thinking, “this is stupid. This will never work. How can I focus on happiness and peace and have that change my life!? This is dumb but I’ll keep pretending to do it cause they all said it would work… but I know it won’t”.


I MEAN… REALLY go for it. Immerse yourself in this lifestyle. Do your best, every day, to remove focus from what ails you and turn your face to the sunshine. Step out of the rain. Step into the light. And feel the feelings you WANT to feel. Why do we think that feeling stressed out while working on a project will give us the result we want, when the result we want is always something positive!? THAT does not make sense. When you feel the stress level rise, walk away, take a nap, paint or draw or write, take a bath, hug a puppy, call a friend, meditate or pray, go for a walk, take the weekend off, read a book, make love… and from that happy place, from that blissful state, an answer will come. From that state of peace, do your work. From that MINDSET of KNOWING that by correcting your mind, the rest will follow…. That is where you are making the most progress. That is where you are building your dream life. That is where you are becoming stronger. That is where you are vibrating at a high frequency and from that high vibration, you WILL attract ALL of the things you’ve ever wanted to you. As if by magic. Because like attracts like – what you FEEL, more than what you THINK, comes to you.


If you THINK positive but FEEL negative, you will get more of what you don’t want and more of “what has always been”.


When you FEEL positive and THINK positive, you will get everything easily.


What you want, what you desire, what your greatest goals are… they are flying at a high frequency. They are on a higher level. And you need to reach that level emotionally to see those gifts come into your life.



autumn morning


Your desires aren’t laying low on the ground where your stress, depression and worry is. If you stay lying there, you can’t even reach up and grab the gifts cause they’re too high for you. You need to pick yourself up, get past stress and depression and anxiety and worry… you need to climb the stairs of hope, dreaming, loving, happiness, up until you reach joyful expectancy, elation, appreciation for all you already have, a KNOWING that what you wish for is literally one step away up there… and you must STAY here! AND VOILA, as if by MAGIC, those gifts are in front of your eyes, yours for the taking.


It sounds simple. And it is. So please do not stress out worrying that you need to stay high on life every second of every day, and what if I fall back down, what if I have a bad feeling or a bad day, did I ruin it all!?

Cause it’s not one bad feeling, one bad day, that will keep you trapped at the bottom stair. You have the power, EVERY MOMENT, to climb that staircase. It’s not far away and it’s not impossible and YOU ARE NEVER STUCK. You have a choice, every moment, to take a step forward. If you refuse to, then obviously you stay at the bottom and your desires will elude you. But if you accept that joy and peace are the steps, and you decide to take those steps as often as possible, you will soar to the top, you will stay there so often you won’t fall back down but if you do, it will be EASIER to get up, it will take you much less effort to get up, and you will find that gifts, opportunities, magic, love, peace and all your desires come into your life WAY more frequently and easily.


Because you made the choice to fly high as often as possible. You KNOW and TRUST that you are never stuck. And you KNOW that you deserve it all, and it is just within your reach, just so long as you believe it is and smile and appreciate its presence. And just so long as you believe in and love yourself.





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